The Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) is supported by the Michigan Philharmonic. MPYO is dedicated to challenging and inspiring students through high level ensemble training and the performance of original repertoire. All ensembles are open by audition.

Michigan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra,
Hektor Qyteti, conductor
This orchestra is for advanced students in winds, brass, percussion and strings. Challenging and exciting standard and contemporary repertoire is selected for performance. At least three years of ensemble playing experience is recommended for entrance into this ensemble.

MPYO Flute Choir, Joanna Goldstein, director

Open to intermediate and advanced flute students. The unique ensemble also includes piccolo, alto and bass flutes.

MPYO Sinfonia, Hektor Qyteti, director
This ensemble is designed for intermediate-level string students who have begun shifting (violin/viola 3rd position; cello 2nd position) and who have at least two year of ensemble playing experience

MPYO Strings, Hektor Qyteti, director
This ensemble is designed for younger string players who wish to learn ensemble playing skills such as playing in a section and listening and following a conductor. Students must have at least one year of playing experience and be able to read music.

MPYO Wind Ensemble/Chamber Winds, Joanna Goldstein, director
This ensemble is designed to give woodwind and brass players pre-orchestral performance skills and experience playing as a wind section. Students must have at least two years of playing experience and know a minimum of four scales.